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A poem

Click poem for easy to read version.

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The view from here

You cannot see the mountain from the top. Not an earth shattering observation, but one which is easy to lose track of. I haven’t seen the mountain in a long time. It sometimes takes someone who isn’t standing right with … Continue reading

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Visiting hours

I’m visiting our daughter at the hospital tonight. Visiting can be weird. Often she is doing a craft or talking with friends on the ward and it feels to me like she would rather not have me there than to … Continue reading

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Our daughter: So the nurses told me that I should appreciate you. Me: Oh ya? Our daughter: Ya, they said I should tell you that I appreciate you….so, I appreciate you.

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Five weeks. It was around 22:00 or 23:00 last night that we rolled the five week mark for our daughter’s hospitalization. It’s been a hectic go, and looks to get more so. Nothing has ever been gained by being anxious … Continue reading

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Apple season

We went apple picking today. Our daughter, her boyfriend Jarred and myself. It was fun, we picked a few apples, did a little shopping in the Verger LaBonte boutique. That was pretty much it. Nothing exciting but it was a … Continue reading

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Convocation Day

Our daughter is graduating today, it could be right at this moment as I type but that is not probable. Richard is at the graduation with his iPad and the good folks at John Abbott College have given us wireless … Continue reading

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Had Lynn lived this would have been THE year for her. Our daughter just turned seventeen and she will be graduating from high school in two months time. We always had a different approach to what are referred to as … Continue reading

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