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Summer’s done

Summer for most everyone in North America ends at the end of August with the return to school. The eight week shut down of schools in a digital age doesn’t make much sense but the inertia of the practice is … Continue reading

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No way out

Last month was a disaster on the financial front, but more importantly both our kids had minor relapses. Not major, which is a good thing, but minor. Enough so that it made it clear that I’m never actually going to … Continue reading

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Bruno the Wonder Dog – Rest In Peace

Cancer visited our family again this time in the form of bone cancer in our dog Bruno. The vet believed that it had spread to his lungs as well which could have explained the frequent panting. Last Wednesday at the … Continue reading

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Drawing to a close

December is drawing to a close and along with it 2016 which on a socio political front might have been a bit fubar but on the home front things are basically good. Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of Lynn’s death … Continue reading

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The view from here

You cannot see the mountain from the top. Not an earth shattering observation, but one which is easy to lose track of. I haven’t seen the mountain in a long time. It sometimes takes someone who isn’t standing right with … Continue reading

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Jack Russell

Once upon a time, and for all I know it still goes on, there was a “sport” called Ratting. The premise was simple. A walled pit would be filled with rats. Punters would be encouraged to place bets as to … Continue reading

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On Pause

Today was day 90. We have a timeline though, an exit strategy, a way through the woods that should see our daughter home the first week of April. Life is never dull, but it is glacial. I do what I … Continue reading

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When leaves hang trembling

With every gust of wind, the butterfly changes its place on the willow. – Matsuo Basho Our daughter is scheduled to be allowed home from hospital on Friday. We will see how it goes. Fingers are crossed. Seven and a … Continue reading

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Thanks, I’ll be here all week.

It snowed this morning. Not the first snow of the year, but the first one that stayed on the grass and the tree trunks and the reed tops. Minus six will do that and with a high of minus two … Continue reading

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Hope ajar

Do things really pile up or is it just an impression that hits when the ability to deal is in someway hampered by life its ownself? Our daughter had a few hours out of the hospital on Saturday and Sunday … Continue reading

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