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Jack Russell

Once upon a time, and for all I know it still goes on, there was a “sport” called Ratting. The premise was simple. A walled pit would be filled with rats. Punters would be encouraged to place bets as to … Continue reading

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By the horns

I would like to thank Martin over at Aficionados International for getting back to me with information about bull fighting which was far beyond the scope of surface research possible. The Internet, I once heard said, is a vast sea … Continue reading

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Beware of spring snow storms

When the snow started yesterday it was only a few flakes and given the warm temperature (only minus three) it seemed no reason to forego a run. Normally the Saturday run is done on Ile Bizard but the club as … Continue reading

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Still recovering: how much longer?

Injuries suffered in March of 2013 continue to dog me. Last night an aborted attempt at a slow jog was the latest in a series of physical limitations where are starting to grate at my psyche. I think I will … Continue reading

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Getting into shape

The difficulty with trying to get into shape is that I am not recovered from injuries. My left knee and foot are still complaining and the very recent return of adductor issues it has been less than a joyous return … Continue reading

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Weight has always been a problem. Through elementary school, high school, CEGEP and university my weight steadily climbed until peaking at 140.5 Kg (310lbs). With a great deal of deprivation and effort a battle of the bulge resulted eventually in … Continue reading

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The above video is one of our son James doing stand-up comedy at the famous Montreal Comedy Nest (a frequent venue for the Just For Laughs Festival). Open Mic night is just that an open mic. As long as you … Continue reading

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Injured and indifferent

The day before my mother died the IT band in my left leg gave out during a planned 25K run. It gave out around the 8K mark but was pushed into service for another 2K before I finally gave up … Continue reading

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A difficult week

After last week’s 10K race which was run on pain relieving medication it was difficult to walk for most of the week and running has been impossible. The treadmill has been set up and I have been trying to use … Continue reading

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49 days to Xmas

With the blessings of St. Visa the 21.15% credit card Xmas shopping was accomplished today in the form of online shopping for our daughter. Her list was not long and not a terrific expense but with a meager forty-nine days … Continue reading

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