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I don’t write about work or where I work because that way be dragons for any employee of any company. That doesn’t give a lot of leeway to write about some fine people other than in the most vague sense. … Continue reading

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We all know it

There are no rules in life but those we create for ourselves and those imposed by others we choose to obey. Rules make life easier sometimes and sometimes they make life harder. Sometimes the rules we create for ourselves aren’t … Continue reading

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We were giants…in our own minds anyway.

Once upon a time there was a city in western Quebec called Hull. It doesn’t exist anymore. It’s called Gatineau now and more’s the pity if you ask me, but no one ever does. Once upon a time Amber Cloutier … Continue reading

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Last Sunday our daughter, a friend of hers and myself drove out to the SPCA Monteregie and adopted a dog. Bruno is a Lab cross of some kind. He is quiet, friendly and for the most part well behaved but … Continue reading

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Remembering Xmas 2013

The secret to Xmas is the moment remembered. It’s strange how we mark time. If time exists then it certainly seems to fly. Time flies at different speeds depending on what is happening and how old we are. I wonder … Continue reading

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The necessity of choice

Life is too damned short. The problem is that it takes you most of your life to figure that part out. We all have passions and some can pursue those passions and make a living or even thrive economically while … Continue reading

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Donna left for Alberta this morning. There were hugs and kisses and of course the security line beyond which no one but passengers could go. It was a wonderful week. We had a lot of fun visiting Mont St. Hilaire, … Continue reading

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Safety first?

Adventure and adrenaline addiction are common enough. Whether being involved in extreme sports or traveling extensively there are those who have a need for that discomfort which comes from either risking their physical safety or being a stranger in a … Continue reading

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Always becoming too late

I’ve been reading other blogs and they remind me of how narrow of focus both my blogs are. The narrowness is by design of course. It isn’t that thoughts of how the world is and what is happening in the … Continue reading

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Injured and indifferent

The day before my mother died the IT band in my left leg gave out during a planned 25K run. It gave out around the 8K mark but was pushed into service for another 2K before I finally gave up … Continue reading

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