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In praise of beta readers

Concrete Memories is almost finished. Started in 2015 the eighteen thousand word “short story” recently came back from Alan the first male beta reader. The story is now in its thirteenth draft and much stronger than when it arrived in … Continue reading

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By the horns

I would like to thank Martin over at Aficionados International for getting back to me with information about bull fighting which was far beyond the scope of surface research possible. The Internet, I once heard said, is a vast sea … Continue reading

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Finally finished

It was started November 27, 2013. The first draft was finished yesterday. Sometimes writing is also not writing. Most of the time it is writing though and once I got moving on the story again it came together, more or … Continue reading

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Older still

Our daughter’s fifteenth birthday was yesterday. Oddly enough her birthday made me feel older. She is a quiet girl internalizing much of what she sees and experiences. She wants to learn Brazilian Portuguese because she has a friend in Brazil … Continue reading

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