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LOL, Broke

It was April since I was actually broke. I’m not flat broke, as in nothing in the bank, but damned close. There just never seems to be enough cash to go around. Sole support for three adults will do that … Continue reading

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Thanks, I’ll be here all week.

It snowed this morning. Not the first snow of the year, but the first one that stayed on the grass and the tree trunks and the reed tops. Minus six will do that and with a high of minus two … Continue reading

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Stay brown.

In the summer of 2007 my son and daughter suddenly thought I was cool. It was a complete fluke and they were soon disabused of the notion but for one shining moment on Berri Street in downtown Montreal I was … Continue reading

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YouTube channel open

James has opened his own YouTube channel featuring his comedy. Could it be that he is going to run with this? Anyway if you want to check it out the channel URL is

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