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Negotiating the Jones

It was cold, windy and rainy tonight but I still managed to fit in a short run to roll over 400 for this month again. Woohoo. The official tally is 401.83 Kilometers.

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‘Tis the season for some coughing

Friday stared with a sore throat that progressed to a stuffy head, sneezing and coughing yesterday. It is after all that time of year so it is hard to complain. The other thing which happened on Friday was the annual … Continue reading

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Little things

Every run can bring interesting events. Today at the spur of the moment I changed my regular route to another one adding 3.25K to my 20K run. It was such a beautiful sunny morning I didn’t want to stop. The … Continue reading

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Sticking to it

With two atrocious runs under my belt earlier this week it was a no brainer to run this afternoon with the unseasonably warm temperature and spectacular sun. The reward was a smooth, uneventful and quick paced 14.7 K. Part of … Continue reading

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Porking up

I don’t know how it is happening, but I am gaining weight. I actually don’t know where I am gaining it but the scale is showing a steady increase in weight over the last 21 days. It seems that unless … Continue reading

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A big chunk of Phoenix Club runners were in Philadelphia today. They had some great runs. Allison ran 3:34:01 beating the time she needed to qualify for Boston by almost 6 minutes. Phoenix will have a good number of runners … Continue reading

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Race pix

These are pictures of myself and another Phoenix runner – Ian Cordner (he is much older and much faster than I am) crossing the finish line at the Boreal cross country race on Saturday.

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Sony service slightly silly

You can tell when a company is on its way down the tubes by the way in which they handle customer complaints. If my recent experience is any indication Sony doesn’t have much life left in it as a company. … Continue reading

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Running all sorts

Yesterday’s Boreal 10K cross country run went well if a little slower than planned. I finally crossed the finish line after 45 minutes of running which was slower than I wanted but not a let down. The pace was good … Continue reading

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Remembrance Day 2006

Every Remembrance Day has only one purpose: To remember those who have died in combat. Remembrance Day is not the purview of liberals, conservative or greens it belongs to all of us who care about the quality of life we … Continue reading

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