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Let’s go Als let’s go!

OK today is the first game of the Montreal Alouettes season and I have tickets. Woohoo. I am going to try and take lots of pictures today and post a report tomorrow.

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Rolling, rolling, rolling

I managed to get in a good ride yesterday and a good roller skate today. Yesterday I went for 65K and saw a peloton of riders out on Ile Perrot. I only caught a glimpse of them before they disappeared … Continue reading

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Annoyance versus pain

Learning to distinguish between annoyance and pain is an art which must be developed over time. At the moment the left buttock pain which has kept the bike active and the running shoes gathering dust has subsided to an annoyance. … Continue reading

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Father’s day present

I received a great father’s day present – semi racing inline skates. Woohoo. I took them out for a spin today and they rolled very well. It was a nice change of pace.

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Yesterday I worked the Mont-Royal Summit Quest 50km/100km giving out water and videotaping the runners at various points in the run. It was an interesting day for the runners. The 100K runners started at midnight from the top of Mont … Continue reading

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Quick as a lick

Yesterday’s bike ride was interesting for me. On the return half of a 60K ride I met up with another two riders who caught up with me on Gouin in Senneville. One of them was a newbie the other was … Continue reading

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What it’s about

I don’t really care who wins the race. For me the race is simply a continuation of the fun of running. I care about my time but only as it relates to me. The race is about doing the best … Continue reading

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The great gorilla run

Believe it or not there are runs for just about everything these days the most recent big one was in San Francisco called The Great Gorilla Run to raise money to help save the mountain gorilla.

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In a little while from now…

I went for a bike ride again today. It is kind of funny that while I can’t walk properly let alone run it’s no problem spinning for 2 hours. I might as well get used to it as it looks … Continue reading

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My Neighbour’s Garden

I am envious of my neighbour’s garden. Of course I am not envious of the work she puts into it. When you have a green thumb even the dandelions look good.

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