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My wife needs a new laptop: What is a techie to do? Well I can purchase a Dell (hahahaha – ok enough joking) or another PC laptop but the trouble with that is they all ship with Windows Vista. There … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s 10

I waited a day to report on the 10 because I wanted to see how I felt today after an actual race effort. For my first race back I cannot complain with an official time of 45:26 (which is at … Continue reading

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Race day

The most exciting thing about race day was that my son decided to run a 2 K race – woohoo. He is a football player who plays on the offensive line so running is not quite his forte: Still he … Continue reading

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Getting ready

I have been running since about three days after the collarbone was broken. At first it was just a few 5 K runs then a 10 a 3 and a few more 10s. All this in preparation for a race … Continue reading

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My new OS

Living in a dream…. This is what my desktop can look like with my new OS – Dreamlinux a Debian based distro. This is what my main desktop machine now looks like when I boot up. Making the switch is … Continue reading

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Out and about

Being unable to swim, bike or run at the moment I am limited to walking which is much more time consuming for workouts that are not nearly as invigorating. There is always a bright side though and today’s short walk … Continue reading

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Man meets ground at 30 Kph

The sloping shoulder on the left side of this picture (my right shoulder) took the brunt of a bicycle meets curb incident. Fortunately the resulting fracture was pretty clean, the leg abrasions were minimal and the helmet did its job … Continue reading

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Live from DreamLinux land

This post is being written from an old PIII 450 laptop using a hard drive install of DreamLinux which simply put is the best distro of Linux I have every had the pleasure of using. I used to think Knoppix … Continue reading

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Oh home in the suburbs

We are back – pictures in the Gallery: Look for the files that start with 2007-July for photos from the holiday. There are multiple pages for each gallery just click on Next Page in the top right hand corner to … Continue reading

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Belleville Dragonboat Race Report

It was a sunny and breezy day with temperatures in the mid twenties and calm waters. In other words the perfect day for a regatta. The day started off with my wife meeting with the rest of the team in … Continue reading

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