Redux ad absurdum

Posted by bernicky - August 30th, 2007

It was probably a little much to expect my first month back but I am not going to realize this month’s goal of 400 K: With a current log of 360.39 kilometers and two runs left for the month. You can see why I won’t make 400. There is no way I am doing back to back 20s and a long run on the weekend.

My bib number for the half on the 9th of September is 5786 – a totally cool number – I like the 1423 symmetry. There are two other people from work doing the same race which is kind of cool. I guess we will compare notes after the race.

Today was the first day of school and the grade 7s had the school to themselves. Ten grade sevens showed up to meet myself and two teachers who are coaching the cross country team. I am going to keep my fingers crossed that we will be able to hang onto at least half of them after the first workout. They only have to run 3K but when you are 12 that can seem like forever. Next stop grade 8 – 11 we should be able to put together a half decent team this year.

From pen to paper

Posted by bernicky - August 29th, 2007

Does it bother anyone other than me that life is a first draft?

Light show

Posted by bernicky - August 29th, 2007

What an amazing show of power tonight. I had just started out on my run when the thunder started to roll. It seemed to be far off so I ignored it for about a kilometer. Then the rolls came faster and faster and the lightning accompanying it was a combination of menacing forks and sheets illuminating the clouds. It wasn’t long before I sought shelter and called it a night.

Runners are a crazy lot but there are not too many of us who will run in a thunderstorm. Lightning only has to strike once to end a running career forever.

Once upon a time in the cinema

Posted by bernicky - August 28th, 2007

3:10 to Yuma is opening soon and I am looking forward to seeing it. For fans of the western genre the pickings have been mighty poor since the sudden disappearance of the superb HBO series Deadwood. The western is a genre which has fallen into disfavour for a variety of reason not the least of which is the insistence that our heroes have feet of clay. Clint Eastwood’s masterful Unforgiven is the seminal antihero western. William Munney was a wonderful antihero but in the long run he paled in comparison to The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence (Tom Doniphon) or Marshall Jed Cooper (Hang ’em High).

Why must our heroes have feet of clay? Do I really need to know that Steve Prefontaine drank a little too much on occasion or used his position as an Adidas rep to help him meet girls? Do I need to know that St. Theresa of Avila sometimes lied or misdirected the attention of her sponsor so as to advance her own temporal concerns? Surely these things are moot when considered in relation to the actual achievements of these people. (No I do not put Pre and St. Theresa of Avila on the same footing). I like heroes. Having people to look up to is not a bad thing.

I have no idea what 3:10 to Yuma will deliver on the screen but the fact that it will appear on the screen is a plus for fans of the western genre.

The cost of healthy activity

Posted by bernicky - August 22nd, 2007

When you race for recreation there are costs involved. Shoes for running range from $120.00 to $200.00 depending on what you wear. My favourite shoe is the New Balance 755 which is $159.00 with the taxes and which are changed every 800 kilometers (eight to ten weeks). Shorts and tech tops last much longer so once paid for they can be worn until paper thin before replacing. Then there is the cost of the actual races.

In the Montreal area there is the Circuit Endurance which dings the 10K runner for $15.00 if they register before the race and $25.00 on race day. Not too bad really as there is only one race a month on the circuit. The bigger races though are much more expensive. Montrealers looking to participate in the Festival de la Sante in the Marathon can expect to cough up $65.00, $60.00 for the half marathon, $45.00 for the 10K and for the 5K $30.00. While the numbers might look big the reality is that the expense is not at all out of line for an event like this and far less expensive that a great many events (ING Ottawa comes to mind).

The vast majority of those who hit the pavement in these races have personal best results as their goal. Winning is left to a handful of local elite athletes or in the case of the marathon international elite athletes. So why do we do it? The only reason I can think of is because when the race starts it is a demand that you give your best and that is what you try to do the whole way. It is different from a training run, a tempo run or any other kind of run. When you are surrounded by others who are also giving their very best it helps you to see what you are really capable of doing. In my case that is firmly ensconced in the middle of the pack, but I aspire to upper middle. 🙂


Posted by bernicky - August 22nd, 2007

Writer gets sued for writing a negative review of a text book. As difficult as it may be to believe this is actually happening. It doesn’t surprise me as the comedy site I run with my partner Richard has been threatened with lawsuits after negative reviews. I can’t imagine what kind of mail people in mainstream media get when they do reviews.

Dorval Day Meet

Posted by bernicky - August 19th, 2007

My daughter participated in the Dorval Day swim meet at Surrey pool yesterday. She is a member of the Surrey swim team and she had a good meet coming in last or next to last in all of her events. The coolest event though was the relay where she swam the third 50 meter leg and went into the water in last place by half a length and came out of the water in second to last place by about 1 second. Of course the best part is she had a lot of fun.

Starting blocks
What form!

Relaxing in Dads hoodie
It was a cool day yesterday so hoodies were the order of the day when not in the pool.

Doing the butterfly.

3rd leg of the freestyle relay.

il etait une fois

Posted by bernicky - August 16th, 2007

There was a time when if you phoned me or knocked on the door Luba was blasting from a radio, cassette player or stereo. It all started with the Secrets and Sins album and continued until she stopped recording for several years only to start up again with From Bitter To Sweet and then fade into nothingness as she once again withdrew from the stage. The Internet is a wonderful place at times and other Luba fans have lent me the motivation to stay up to the wee hours of the morning watching Luba videos on YouTube. There is no better version of When A Man Loves A Woman than Luba’s. You would be hard pressed to find a more soulful song than Every Time I See Your Picture (I Cry) or a more classic 80’s pop song than Let It Go.


Years ago when I was still living in the Loyola ghetto going to McGill Luba appeared at a Canada Day celebration in Ville St. Pierre. My roommate and still bestfriend Richard showed up two hours early with me to keep me company so I could be in the first row to see Luba sing. I’ve seen a lot of singers and bands since then but none so special as she. So I will be short on a nights sleep for remembering a voice of younger years that still sings to me sweetly.

New laptop ordered

Posted by bernicky - August 16th, 2007

Well I took the plunge today and ordered a new laptop. Of course I ordered it – I wouldn’t buy off the shelf – there is always a tweak or two if you have an idea of what you want to do with a laptop. The laptop is the white MacBook model and we are expecting delivery in about two weeks. It really came down to the operating system when all was said and done. Vista is the best sales tool for Mac that has ever hit the market.

Quick to the post

Posted by bernicky - August 15th, 2007

I have been keyed up since about 3 this afternoon. It is race day. A 5 K the shortest race I have ever targeted. Normally 5 K is the point in a run where I judge how I am going to approach the rest of my run. Usually I run 14 K a day and it takes 3 K just to get the rust out of the joints and limber up the muscles. On good days I might do the first 5 K in 26 minutes and change on a bad day 28 minutes on a really bad day longer and I have on occasion taken 30 minutes to run 5.

None of that matters – I’m keyed up and anxious just like I am before every other race. It must be part of the addiction to running this getting keyed up for competition. It’s not so much being jumpy as it is feeling like something really exciting is about to happen – like Xmas morning but with a better finish.

9:30 – Update – It was a great run and I set a personal best at 20:59.5. Ok that is the same as 21 minutes but I will for the rest of my life say that my best is just under 21 minutes 🙂 The course was flat as a pancake which helps with the time of course. The best part of the race though was near the end with about 500 meters to go. I passed a guy who had been in front of me for the entire race and said to him “You’ve been ahead of me for four and a half kilometers you shouldn’t let me pass you now.” A few seconds later he passed me back and I started to chase him. I said “If you slow down I will catch you in the chute.” He glanced over his shoulder twice on the way to beating me to the finish which was cool and I am glad it ended that way.

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