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Lynn has been driving again now which gave me a bit of a break today as she handled my son’s hospital appointment. I haven’t been posting about my son’s illness because he doesn’t want me to – but I will … Continue reading

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Hardware v Software

There are two basic types of computer techs – hardware guys and software guys. I have a friend who is a programmer for an insurance company and is very good at what he does but his hardware knowledge is…well not … Continue reading

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One step at a time

Yesterday the first races of the local Montreal Circuit Endurance took place on Ile Bizard. The races run from February to October every year with only occassional changes in location and/or route. The consistency of circuit and the fact that … Continue reading

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Life has been busy which is why I haven’t been posting much so here is a grab bag of bulletins for friends and family who might be interested. 1 – Lynn has started driving again which is nice and I … Continue reading

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At last

I finally went out for a run last night with the club. It was brutal and humbling and the traction was horrible but it was a good workout. You know you have had a good workout when you wake up … Continue reading

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What kind of a person would go out and get cancer?

A strange question isn’t it? I ask it because of the way in which Britney Spears is being held in the spotlight like an ant under a sadistic child’s magnifying glass. What exactly is wrong with Ms. Spears will be … Continue reading

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