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short cuts

The boy’s bantam badminton team took the silver in the team championships which was really cool for only the second year of our rebuilding program. One of the doubles teams scored a bronze medal in the individual championships. The midget … Continue reading

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tempus edax rerum

Well if being swamped at work is an excuse for not posting then I have a perfect excuse. Spring time is the confluence of badminton and track and field ergo finding time to think let alone write is at a … Continue reading

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Look who’s 10

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Smart? Lazy? Cautious?

I don’t know how I feel today. It is a blah day – a little hail, a lot of rain, 2 degrees. On Monday I pulled up after only 7K of speed work and jogged the last 2K abandoning a … Continue reading

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Favourite television quotes

Television quotes are sometimes difficult to track down – here are some of my favourites from over the years. From Northern Exposure: I don’t give a damn if Walt Whitman kicked with his right foot or his left foot or … Continue reading

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Pulling out my hair

Not having a lot of hair left pulling it out in frustration is not one of my favourite things to do. Bell Canada – or Bell Business or Bell Global or whatever manifestation of “Bell Services” it comes under has … Continue reading

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