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Road rash

Well yesterday’s little run went ok so today I will endeavor to do a decent run and see how the road rash handles it. I have been doing some research and have discovered that I can reasonably expect to see … Continue reading

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Ordered off of everything

The doctor has ordered me to be less active than normal. She was very understanding but was also very firm about not cycling or running for the next 48 hours and I have to have some X-rays in the morning … Continue reading

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Friday ride – How to get in trouble in only 27 kilometers. :)

Well if it is August it must be bike crash time. I was cruising along at 40 and worried about a 4×4 behind be as I rolled along Lakeshore near the Baie d’Urfe town hall. Along the site of the … Continue reading

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The 5

Midweek is a strange time for a race but you have to race when the race is not when you want to race. Last night in DDO I went out too fast and paid for it in the back end … Continue reading

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Diving Swim team Synchronized swimming Running Football No it’s not the Olympics it’s my daily schedule :). Somewhere in there, there is also food prep and other sundry activities which keep the kids entertained and the household running. Next week … Continue reading

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My son seen here navigating a portion of the Arbraska course called Tabarouette. It is insanely difficult for a first timer but it was a lot of fun. Knowing that you can’t get really hurt beyond some scrapes and bruises … Continue reading

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Keeping Records

One of the good things about keeping records of things is that you can look back with a cold eye. Yesterday’s result of 42:08 was disappointing – it felt slow and that it had made a mistake to start out … Continue reading

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The race is the thing

With only a few more days until the Olympics get underway in the pollution laden venue chosen for this edition I have to confess to looking forward to some of the events. The badminton this year will be spectacular though … Continue reading

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