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I took this photo at John Abbott College on June 03, 2009. One of those times when you are walking along, look up and say “Wow that could be a good picture.”

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The beauty of imperfection

Of all the major league games played Baseball stands out for me as the most accurate allegory for life. I haven’t played baseball in about three decades and other than keeping an eye on the Indians and the Cubs (my … Continue reading

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The bestest snacks in the world

1 – Jiffypop Popcorn – no friggin microwave popcorn even comes close 2 – Old Dutch rippled potato chips – there is no thicker chip 3 – Picard’s chipnuts. Munchies peanuts are good too but a poor cousin to the … Continue reading

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Ask and ye shall receive

It is my personal belief that people are basically good. With few exceptions the majority of people I have met in my life have been good people. Those who were not good were really NOT good people and in my … Continue reading

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