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Cool pix

These are kind of cool – they are from my wife’s most recent MRI.       The bright white portion at the top of the brain near the front of the head is also a suspected tumor. In February we … Continue reading

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‘Tis the season

Whether you enjoy the X-mas season or not it is now upon us. For my own part I do enjoy it as do my wife and children. This year should be all the more enjoyable since we will be spending … Continue reading

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Bernicky’s pendulum

People talk about the symmetry in nature but the people who talk about that sort of thing are usually people who know nothing about nature. The natural state of the world is imbalance the pendulum swings it never stays put … Continue reading

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Right of refusal

We met with the oncologist today. With the current tumor situation he suggested that we consider Tykerb and Xeloda or Herceptin and Tykerb though the clinical research has been less than convincing as to the efficacy of the treatment when … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s meeting with the neurosurgeon was, well, surprising. My phone rang as we were driving in for the 11:30 appointment. It was the secretary of the clinic asking why we had missed our 9:30 appointment. I explained that we were … Continue reading

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It is funny that of all the times in the past year for me to feel the most overwhelmed it is hitting me now more than ever before. It could be that we are leading into the Xmas season and … Continue reading

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“Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.” Yoda explains to Luke in The Empire Strikes Back. I have to admit that at the core of it this is an accurate statement. Either things get done or they … Continue reading

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As this is being typed there are only 40 days and 14 hours left to shop for X-mas. It sounds like a lot but it is a surprisingly short amount of time. The kids have let me know what they … Continue reading

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Settling in

Things have pretty much settled back to normal. If anything my wife is more alert and her ability to speak is better than prior to the surgery. She is easily back to how well she was doing in May. The … Continue reading

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There’s always tomorrow

The neuro called at lunch time today. My wife has been cleared to come home tomorrow around noon. Woohoo.

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