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A promotion – after a fashion

The thing that I love most about my job is arriving at work every day. The school I have worked at for the last six years is a special place with a great staff and a wonderful group of students … Continue reading

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Not so surprising

All things considered the wicked sore throat that started on Monday and progressively worsened until I finally went to the doctor on Thursday could not have been anything other than the harbinger of bronchitus. Here we are two days out … Continue reading

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Gang aft agley

Well the whole marathon expedition is imploding. We have been unable to secure a room for Sue which means we have no adult to stay with my wife and our daughter while I do the marathon. In a last ditch … Continue reading

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Updated guest list and dishes being brought

Head count 24 – Please let me know if there are any pluses (children, spouses etc) Bernicky Family (4) – birthday cake, soft drinks, meatballs, sound system, music Maggie M – deviled eggs and a salmon and chickpea salad Alexandra … Continue reading

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Change of plan and full speed ahead

Naturally things change. In this case my son could not reschedule his placement exam for Dawson College from this coming weekend to another date. This means that he will not be at the marathon with us which also means that … Continue reading

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Lynn’s 50th birthday potluck: hall is booked

The Surrey Aquatic Center has been booked for June 12. We the room from 14:00 to 22:00 this is to allow for setup and tear down. A liquor license will be arranged for those who would like to bring their … Continue reading

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Just stuff

Last week: On the 2nd of May our daughter tore her shoulder during throwing practice as she was preparing for the championships. Tuesday the 3rd she came to throwing practice with her right arm in a sling and spent an … Continue reading

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It’s nice to be wrong

We met with the neurosurgeon yesterday and it went very well. Everything I thought I saw in the MRI was incorrect. The neurosurgeon reassured me that 75% of the residents at the neuro would have read it the same way … Continue reading

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Yesterday was MRI day. It was THE MRI. The MRI that would tell us what things look like three months after the second round of WBRT. One of the skills you pick up when you do this long enough is … Continue reading

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Qualifying meet

Tomorrow is the girls team track and field qualifying meet (you must finish top 8 to move onto championships). When I first started coaching track I used to do it all, sprints, hurdles, jumps, throws and distance – I had … Continue reading

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