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Fear and confusion

The title really sums it up. In essence this is what my life has become. Fear is a constant implacable companion. Whether it is fear of cancer progression, dementia, seizures, finances, keeping my job or just making stupid mistakes fear … Continue reading

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Compression stockings

In all honest the idea of spending $300 on compression stockings took me aback a little bit. We went to Slawner ortho a few weeks back and had my wife’s legs measured and placed the order as per the prescription … Continue reading

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It’s always something

Life gets increasingly complicated. My wife, while physically stronger these days, is also moving slower and frequently confused which leads to things going much slower in the morning. If I get up at 5:30 and start getting my wife ready … Continue reading

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Lack of routine and business as usual for the haircut

Monday night I managed to get out to train with the Phoenix Running Club again. It was a good speed work session. 2.5 easy run, 6.5 at tempo, 2.5 easy. I ran as hard as I could during the tempo … Continue reading

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Our neighbour across the street was asking after my wife yesterday. She was curious as to my wife’s health and even asked about life expectancy. The question caught me a little off guard. It isn’t as if we haven’t thought … Continue reading

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