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william thompson

Much of elementary school is long lost in the haze of the past but one moment which I remember clearly is the day William Thompson was removed from class at Mountainview. It was as surreal moment in my life in … Continue reading

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Guilt and relief

Knowing that it is not logical to feel guilty about the sense of relief which has visited me less than a month after Lynn’s death. Lynn was sick for a long time and she was paralyzed for a long time … Continue reading

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It was a month ago today that Lynn died. It was a day like any other with one exception. I visited Lynn’s niche today. I also went for a run, did the groceries and cooked supper. The main difference in … Continue reading

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before mountainview

Mountainview road was aptly named. At one time from anywhere along its length Mount Saint Hilaire was completely visible. Mount Saint Hilaire is a beautiful little mountain a smidge over 400 meters high a few kilometers removed from the Richelieu … Continue reading

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All the rage

To put it simply there is a considerable amount of unfocused anger lurking beneath the surface of my every waking moment. Work has been generally good but even little changes in routine or little questions which I normally receive with … Continue reading

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The kids posing for a photo outside the cinema. We went to see Martin Scorsese’s Hugo in 3D on Friday night. It was brilliant. Easily the best film of 2011 and there ought to be a raft load of Oscar … Continue reading

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Rigaud Photo

At the top of the Pepsi run Mont Rigaud – 2012-01-22   Waiting at the ski lift

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Mont Rigaud

As a diversion and something which we could do together our daughter and I headed up out to Mont Rigaud this morning to get in a little skiing. It was a pleasant day and only my second time ever on … Continue reading

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The thing about things is that their importance is relative. My mother always says “One man’s garbage is another man’s gold.” Of course garbage is a harsh word in this particular circumstance. There are things that Lynn owned that will … Continue reading

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mountainview elementary

For those of a certain age who are familiar with the town of Otterburn ParkĀ  the name of Mountainview Elementary is mentioned the place that comes to mind is a two story brick structure along Chemin des Patriotes where the … Continue reading

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