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Not recovered but…

Well the quads are still very sore but if pressed a jog is not out of the question. So it is then that this evening will find my aching person out at Mount Royal with Lance Armstrong. Armstrong is in … Continue reading

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Running up that hill

Sunday was a bit of a slog but a good one. The morning started at 4:00 which is when my sorry butt got motivated enough to crawl out of bed and push the button on the coffee maker which had … Continue reading

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Well and truly back

The twenty first of August which in Quebec means that summer is really over. School starts tomorrow for most CEGEP students and next week for most high school students. Our two children are looking forward to returning to school though … Continue reading

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Busy after a fashion

Being back at work is keeping me busy but so are a few other things. Last month in one of those “What was I thinking?” moments I signed on to a little writing contest in which the contestants write a … Continue reading

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Quote of the day

Olympic quote of the day from my 14 year old daughter watching the men’s 55 Kg class freestyle wrestling bronze medal match. In a moment of keen wrestling observation said: “They have nice butts.” Yep, that’s our daughter.

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Budgeting and Novelling (okay it’s not a word)

Admittedly on the financial front July was a harsh month. Between expected and unexpected expenses I managed to find myself a good 2K plus in the red for the month and that isn’t even including the holiday our daughter and … Continue reading

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Almost done

Holidays end tomorrow. Since returning home from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia we haven’t done much of anything. Tuesday was given over to getting laundry done and generally getting the house back into shape after having left it for three … Continue reading

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