Only twice

Posted by bernicky - February 26th, 2013

Perhaps not a surprise this is only my second post of the month. February has been a slow month for posts in the past. This year the weather has been all over the map, work has been difficult, our children have had issues so time to write and vent has been at a premium.

Our son will be doing an open mic night at the Comedy Nest this week – tomorrow in fact. He still hasn’t let us know if we can go see him or if we have to stand on the sidelines. He has been trying to get caught up in school after a poor start to the semester and we can only hope that he manages to accomplish that. It won’t be the first time a Bernicky has had to take 5 semesters to do a 4 semester CEGEP program but I had hopes.

Our daughter and I will be visiting my mother soon. My mother has been in ill health with chronic respiratory and heart problems. At 91 these things are, one supposes, to be expected but it is still difficult to get my mind around them. She’s Mum – she’s forever. Of course I know and have experienced enough to know that is not true including the death of my birth mother, birth father, adopted father, Lynn and a host of friends over the years the simple fact is though that as much as you know that nothing is forever doesn’t stop you believing it will be forever.

Life is full of surprises even when we expect them.

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The world before us

Posted by bernicky - February 10th, 2013

I’m fifty. Two days into being fifty actually and the whole world still remains before me. It remains before all of us and while it may not be there for the taking it is certainly there for the exploring. I have been thinking a lot lately while trying to puzzle out if it is possible to send the kids to England for a few weeks in the summer. The idea behind the thought is that some of the relatives on the other side of the pond are getting up there in years while others are still young enough to be living at home. The chance of being able to see all of them with great ease will become more and more unlikely as time ticks by.

The fly in the ointment naturally is the cost. Cost of course will also just increase with time. The costs are actually not as bad as they could be as a cousin has offered to take them in for two weeks and show them the sights and even take a side trip to Paris. It is not the type of offer which would always be available so it is having some influence on the factors under consideration. So there it is – a once in a lifetime trip or not. Thinking can sometimes hurt the brain.

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