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Shouldn’t you buy me dinner first?

Based very roughly on a sixty hour week, which is likely a little low most weeks and a little high other weeks, a neurosurgeon in Quebec earns about $112.00 per hour. That is after an undergraduate degree, four years of … Continue reading

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Arbraska Rigaud Again

We were at Arbraska last Saturday just for a few hours of fun in the trees. Long time friend Tracy joined us and made an effort to combat her acrophobia with some success. Our daughter’s friend Lisa also joined us … Continue reading

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Back at it

The kids are back from Europe and they had a blast. They loved every local though towards the end our son was getting home sick and a little tired. They returned last Monday and were almost immediately back into the … Continue reading

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Holiday’s begin

Like many in Quebec the holidays are predetermined by the government of Quebec. For those of us who enjoy this condition of employment the last two weeks of July are mandatory holidays. The school board shuts down and the days … Continue reading

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Donna left for Alberta this morning. There were hugs and kisses and of course the security line beyond which no one but passengers could go. It was a wonderful week. We had a lot of fun visiting Mont St. Hilaire, … Continue reading

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A better class of thief?

It happens in every city in the world. It is the nature of the job and those who are employed to do it the job but it still comes as a surprise when it happens. Paris was the only part … Continue reading

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Team work

Since June twelfth I have been part of a work team comprised of Corey, Jeff and myself. We are all data processing operators and work at different schools during the year. Earlier this year I went to our boss and … Continue reading

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