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Lunch edits

This is what the first two pages of the story look like after a cursory read at lunch. That’s what rewrites are for. For the record the story is 20 039 words and 90 pages long. I am hoping that … Continue reading

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The new furnace

A week ago we had a new furnace installed. This was made necessary by the oil bill last year which topped 3700.00 for the winter so something had to be done. As with the roof I did my homework and … Continue reading

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Strange moments

If I spot the grammar problems in your writing then there is a more substantial problem than you may realize because my own grammar and spelling are less than stellar. Continue reading

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Montreal Zombie Walk 2013

Yesterday was the Montreal Zombie Walk which, of course, I had to go to. There are twenty five photos in the gallery but here are a few.

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Slow and steady

Shingles seem to be clearing up but leaving behind a strange combination of numb patches and itchiness. Anything is better than the pain so that goes in the win column. Our daughter’s iPod turned out not to be in the … Continue reading

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Shingles of a different kind

There is no easy way to describe the pain from shingles. The disease is the product of the same virus as chicken pox which I had when I was a child. When it hit last week I had no idea … Continue reading

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