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An act of being

When Lynn died on December 29th, 2011 she left a hole in all our lives. It was expected, but expectation never prepares you. Lynn was hemiplegic and her ability to speak almost gone for the last two years of her … Continue reading

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Egomaniac – low self esteem

I believe I write well. I believe I have stories to tell. I believe that those stories are worth reading. When someone reads something I have written and they do not particularly care for it, it is shattering. That is … Continue reading

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Morning people

It doesn’t happen very often but I slept in until six recently. Even when I was a teen six would have been sleeping in. Five thirty is my normal waking time though I prefer five. There is something about mornings … Continue reading

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Nurses, patients, healthcare.

Remember that when you are in the hospital visiting your loved one they are in the hospital away from theirs. Nurses are the care in healthcare. Treat them with the respect they deserve. Continue reading

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Rock picker

The popularity of the sample of the story versus the conversion to sale makes me think that, despite my best efforts, perhaps my style is a little off putting. I don’t mean to be awkward but the writing is sometimes … Continue reading

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Remembering Xmas 2013

The secret to Xmas is the moment remembered. It’s strange how we mark time. If time exists then it certainly seems to fly. Time flies at different speeds depending on what is happening and how old we are. I wonder … Continue reading

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