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An early birthday present

Believe it or not this only occurred to me when talking to Donna on Skype. She was saying that her recently divorced friend was sick and it looked like something Donna had experienced in October/November. It was a kind of … Continue reading

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Past imperfect

Yesterday Amber and I spoke for the first time in about forty five years. There was no doubt that she is the Amber Cloutier who I and some others have been seeking for such a long time. There were a … Continue reading

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Still recovering: how much longer?

Injuries suffered in March of 2013 continue to dog me. Last night an aborted attempt at a slow jog was the latest in a series of physical limitations where are starting to grate at my psyche. I think I will … Continue reading

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On tenterhooks

The wait is on. It is difficult to imagine the other side of making a contact like I am trying to make with Amber. There is of course the desire to reconnect after more than forty years. What is she … Continue reading

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Amber: lost and found

The past few days have been as exciting. I received a comment on my New Year post from a Mr. MacGregor (a legendary Highland name) who has been friends with Amber going on six years. He posted a message at … Continue reading

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A kind of making it

Apple listed me. That definitely comes under the category of: things I like.

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Getting into shape

The difficulty with trying to get into shape is that I am not recovered from injuries. My left knee and foot are still complaining and the very recent return of adductor issues it has been less than a joyous return … Continue reading

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Rest and, well something

In truth more writing should have been accomplished that was seen during the Xmas vacations. That doesn’t mean that none was done but precious little in comparison to what could have been done. It comes down to focus and at … Continue reading

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A new e-pub

This is a free one – too short to do anything else with to be honest.

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Happy 2014

Had to start the year with at least a short run. First time on the hoof since October. Managed a slow 5K but it was, at least, nonstop. With luck this year will be a good one. It will be … Continue reading

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