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Mike Sides scared the shit out of me when I was a teen. It wasn’t his fault I was afraid of almost everyone all the time. Even now I’m not certain why that is. It could be any number of … Continue reading

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Hockey morning in Canada

Our daughter and I got up at six this morning, bundled ourselves into the van and drove sixty kilometres to Otterburn Park to watch the Canada v Sweden hockey match for the Olympic gold medal It was a blast to … Continue reading

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You cannot accept money as a gift if you do not accept gifts. Continue reading

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Otterburn Park was not a rich town. Lots of WWII vets on disability working dead end jobs, labourers with little room for advancement, office workers, postmen, deliverymen, salesmen, road crew workers, your basic blue collar town. At one time there … Continue reading

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Milling around

Life moves quickly when you aren’t paying attention. Two weeks have flown by since my last post and nothing has actually happened. Work and more work and the occasional run but aside from that nothing really. January and February are … Continue reading

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