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Hacking – Bruno, NAIT and ABSA

Hacking is a much maligned field of endeavor. Like many things the media redefines to simplify for public consumption hacking has become defined as something quite different from what those of us who are hackers think of as hacking. In … Continue reading

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If it weren’t for friends…

NAIT’s “online course” for Power Engineering consists of 5 spiral bound books, links to more manuals, online quizzes, a link to (which redefines poor site design), a student forum which is almost devoid of activity, requests not to post … Continue reading

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Gathering Resources

Dr. Adrien is a man who is generous with his time. A few days ago I sent him an email outlining a math problem which was presenting a particular problem to me. He took a look at the work done … Continue reading

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There have been lots of little changes of late which have the cumulative effect of making things seem like change is coming fast when it is really just coming: the speed of change is irrelevant because the older you are … Continue reading

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