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Out and about

Kieran has been here for a week now and we have managed to travel a bit in that time though at a rate which might seem a little weird. Everything has to be compressed because our son is working Monday … Continue reading

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A British has landed

The plane landed ahead of schedule which worked out just fine. He arrived, we recognized him and took him immediately to Tim Horton’s for a little snack and a chat. It wasn’t a terribly exciting first night. We had a … Continue reading

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Kind of an oddity

In truth I don’t know who reads this blog nor why they read it. There is traffic and page views and once in a while there are comments. With this in mind it struck me as obvious that making a … Continue reading

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A passion for steam

Steam is a wonderful thing. It can be wet, it can be dry, it can power cities, break apart cast iron valves it is a very efficient way to transport and transfer energy. It is at the center of power … Continue reading

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Helter skelter

One of the beauties of life is its unpredictability it is also a constant source of giggles. Last Saturday Katharine’s dog Bruno had a stroke. It was a completely unexpected thing and it made for some fun financial machinations as … Continue reading

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