Always an adventure

Posted by bernicky - September 19th, 2014

Earlier this summer our son started having some stomach discomfort. He kept putting off going to the doctor but eventually he did make the effort. After several on again off again bouts of burning pain he made his way to the emergency room. The first go around they ran some blood tests which came back negative. Second time around they ran some blood tests and took an x-ray and it came back negative. The third time around he was experiencing pain on both sides of his abdomen. When they were drawing blood he seized and went unconscious. Again he was released. This past week he went in again after passing a lot of blood.

This time the doctor seemed to pay more attention which may have been because our son passed out in the emergency room. A GI consult was ordered and after a day of prep and about 36 hours without food a colonoscopy was performed. Things went well at first and our son was watching the monitor as the camera worked its way along the colon. Then the doctor found some unusual growths and took tissues samples for biopsy. The GI specialist has ordered a CT scan and now we are waiting on the appointment.

If nothing else life is always an adventure.

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