Small steps towards information

Posted by bernicky - October 28th, 2014

Our son got in touch with the doctor last week and found out that they have scheduled a CT for next week. They don’t want to discuss the results of the first test until they have the results of the CT which seems reasonable enough. No point in giving good news only to then have to give bad or vice versa. Best to keep the cards close to the chest and then see how it plays out. So we will have to wait but will know the results before the end of next month on supposes.

Our daughter went to the open house at Dawson College yesterday. She want’s to be a medical examiner – a forensic pathologist – which means pure and applied sciences and about eight years of university. If she’s lucky and gets in she will be working by the time she’s 26 or 27. It’s a long row to hoe. Yesterday she told me that she doesn’t want to move to Edmonton.

It is hardly surprising that someone who grew up in such close proximity to one of the most recognized cities on the planet with so much going for it wouldn’t want to move to a northern city where the snow hits the ground in October and only leaves it in May. Edmonton has half the population of Montreal but covers twice the geographic area. Montreal is vibrant all the time so if you are young and want to be out and about Montreal is somewhere you would want to be. I like Edmonton and it is a great place to go if you are looking for work but our daughter won’t be looking for work for a long time yet.

Since our son plans to stay in Montreal and Lynn’s mother still lives here it is possible that our daughter will be able to stay and still have support of family. It will get sorted one way or another. Just another hiccough.

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Another tragedy another excuse

Posted by bernicky - October 23rd, 2014

The talking heads are already at it on the morning news drumming up support to abrogate more freedoms in the name of “security”. Before we all go running up to hand over our rights remember the words of Benjamin Franklin – Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

In short order there will be new bill(s) tabled as the government seeks to leverage the tragedies of the last few days into more powers to surveil and restrict freedom in the name of security. The irony of using the deaths of those who fought to protect our freedoms to remove those freedoms will be completely lost on the majority of the population and the media.

Same as it ever was

Posted by bernicky - October 6th, 2014

There is no word yet on our son’s biopsy. No CT scan scheduled yet. It’s the waiting game. We’ve been here. We’ve done this. It is a different time but it feels familiar.

School has been going well, well, well enough. The first exam part 4A1 resulted in a mark of 86 while the second exam part 4A2 resulted in a mark of 75. Next Friday is the final. In November part B starts provided the final is a success. The 75 threw me a little bit. It isn’t that it is a bad mark it is just that it is not reflective of how well I felt I did in the exam. It is ironic that I thought the first exam had not gone well at all. Fingers crossed.

My LinkedIn blogging hasn’t really resulted in any traction. It doesn’t matter that much. It is nice to be able to blog about things which are work related and not have it intrude on the personal blog. The real point of the blogging on LinkedIn is to give prospective employers an idea of who they are hiring. In the work related blog as with my personal blog I only write what I believe which may or may not be of interest or liked. I’m of an age where it seems best that whomever hires me knows ahead of time what they are getting. If they still want to hire me then it’s probably going to be a good fit.

In for a penny in for a pound – NAIT continues to be NAIT

Posted by bernicky - October 6th, 2014

Heading into the 4A final for Power Engineering I had a few questions so sent off an email, as we are told to do, to ask a few questions. Here is the exchange

Me – Good afternoon,

Studying hard for the 4A final. I have a few questions (well more than a few but these ones bother me the most).

Are diagonal stays or through stays more common on firetube boilers?

Are all safety shut off valves automatic? (sounds obvious but is there a manual override?)

How do you test if a safety shut off valve is working without tripping the condition that causes it to function automatically?

What type of valve is used for a SSOV? Gate?

How many SSOVs are required?

Sorry for all the questions but I can’t seem to settle my curiosity on this with the book.


NAIT: Do you have the ASME code book?

Me: I’ll take that as a look it up yourself answer.

NAIT: No, but the answer are in the ASME. Do you want me to just tell you or do you want to try and find the answers and if you can’t I’m more than happy to help.

Me: I have the ten volumes. Will find it.

NAIT: You don’t have just the extract?

Me: No extract in library just volumes 1 – 10 in all it is 16 books which is still brief in comparison to the 37 volumes for the full ASME @ $16K


Yes the cost of the ASME full set is $16 000.00.

For the record there is NO ASME extract anywhere to be found in the online library, none was delivered with the books I ordered and none is available for download on the Power Engineering site – at least none that I can see.

In the realm of self study NAIT continues to deliver on what I perceive to be the concept of: if you signed up for self study, you’re on your own.

Brilliant money making technique.

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