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A fiddler’s bitch

“Keep crawling forward and roll. Keep crawling forward and roll in case he’s still moving.” That’s all our daughter remembers after possibly being hit by a drunk driver on Xmas night. It is qualified as possibly because she does not … Continue reading

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The new story

The new story has been started. It is called The Great Basin Relay. Don’t have much but here is a snippet. The short stub of an almost finished cigarette twisted smoke demons in the light summer breeze. Paul was squinting … Continue reading

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New story finally finished

In November 2013 I started Britannia this past weekend I finished it only it is now named Concrete Memories. It has been sent off to two people who agreed to have a look and edit – this is hazardous duty … Continue reading

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Finally finished

It was started November 27, 2013. The first draft was finished yesterday. Sometimes writing is also not writing. Most of the time it is writing though and once I got moving on the story again it came together, more or … Continue reading

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Just me

Just me, happy at work on the weekend. I like the shot.

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