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Stay brown.

In the summer of 2007 my son and daughter suddenly thought I was cool. It was a complete fluke and they were soon disabused of the notion but for one shining moment on Berri Street in downtown Montreal I was … Continue reading

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Balls off of a brass monkey

The trouble with winter is that it outstays its welcome. A little snow around Xmas and then cool temperatures through until March would be nice. Alas, living in Canada, this is not a possibility. We’ve been having a cold snap … Continue reading

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Adding insult

I am in the process of leaving the 30 year plus relationship with TD Canada Trust for the Royal Bank of Canada and if I had any doubts about that action they were removed with this month’s credit card statement. … Continue reading

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Black Dog

I read a review of a collection of short stories today and must confess that I have no idea what the reviewer was talking about. It seems there is a whole style of short story and story telling out there … Continue reading

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Crisis? What crisis?

Oil has played a strange roll in my life and in the life of many people born between 1960 and 1965. A thin sliver of end days Baby Boomers and first year GenXers. Oil has been the bane of our … Continue reading

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Moving day

Our son is moving today which naturally means he put absolutely no prep into getting stuff ready to move. He’s only moving to downtown Montreal so there isn’t that much effort that is needed but there does seem to be … Continue reading

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Moving banks – Oi!

I am in the process of switching banks from TD Canada Trust, whom I no longer trust, to RBC. More than one of my friends has observed that this is a little like jumping out of the frying pan into … Continue reading

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