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The good

I spoke with a friend the weekend before last. The first question she asked was whether or not we had recovered Bruno. She had read the post about our daughter being hit by a drunk driver on Xmas and the … Continue reading

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So I did it

After receiving some edits from Donna, one of which was brilliant, I formatted The Ultimate Great Basin Relay and submitted it to Tin House. In truth I believe my chances of being accepted are nil. It may seem odd but … Continue reading

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I’m taking down my writing blog because, well, I don’t use it. This blog is my writing blog. Everything I do or experience can end up in a story and if it ever gets to the point that people read … Continue reading

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I get by with a little help from my friends

There’s a theory called “The Self Attribution Fallacy” which states that people give themselves too much credit for where they are and what they’ve accomplished. We are all the product of both our own work and the work of others … Continue reading

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