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The Gown

It’s currently out of stock at 1861 but this is the gown our daughter has chosen for prom. I think we might need to go in to one of their stores and order it now so when it does come … Continue reading

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Yesterday saw the end of course work on Part 4B2. All that is left now is the 4B2 final then the 4B overall final. After that, steam time. After more than a little bit of panic on the travel front … Continue reading

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NAIT knows how

NAIT – Northern Alberta Institute of Technology – you would think that an organization with the word ‘technology’ in the name would put the correct date for a course ending on their website. Whoops. Today, after an email inquiry as … Continue reading

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TD Canada Trust Can’t Stop Screwing Up

On Friday I received a new bank card, with the card came the explicit instructions to cut up my old card and use only the new one. I didn’t think much of it, it happens periodically. When I tried to … Continue reading

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Sometimes you get lucky. A few days ago our daughter told me she wanted an X-Box for her birthday. Not an X-Box One which she told me no one in their right mind uses (something our son confirmed), an X-Box … Continue reading

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Fear of success

Knowing that I am afraid is laying the groundwork for moving forward as surely as training in a new skill, taking artistic risks and falling in love again. Continue reading

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Learning curve

I’m closing in on completing the academic portion of Power Engineering. The practical will be in May and June. At the end of that I will have seven years in which to write for certification with ABSA. I’ve been learning … Continue reading

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Sweet tea

The drive out to Drummondville from Dorval takes about two hours unless there’s speeding involved. It is a pleasant drive as the beauty that is Quebec unrolls in vast sheets of snow over farm fields sprouting winter bare maples and … Continue reading

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Now that’s comedy!

There are times, all be they few, when I am incline to understand those who believe that there is an intelligence interfering with the lives of humans. Though if I were so inclined as to believe in such an intelligence … Continue reading

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In dull surprise when payment due

It didn’t start with tea but tea is the frugal measure in this house. My favourite tea is Red Rose but as money dwindled and income stagnated and I finally got it through my widower head in real terms that … Continue reading

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