Shoes and clutch

Posted by bernicky - April 29th, 2015

We finally found shoes which our daughter likes and even a clutch to go with them. Now she is thinking of getting her ears pierced. In the meantime I am starting to shop online looking for pearl, clip on, earrings.

White high heels and a white purse

The Shoes and Clutch

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Posted by bernicky - April 13th, 2015

A party of five...turned into nine for D&D later.

A party of five…turned into nine for D&D later.

Had Lynn lived this would have been THE year for her. Our daughter just turned seventeen and she will be graduating from high school in two months time. We always had a different approach to what are referred to as special occasions. For the most part I ignore them. One day is much like the next in my view and rolling over another year on the clock or graduating high school are things which seem unremarkable to me. Lynn lived for making things remarkable.

What is remarkable to me is that life without Lynn which was desolate for a while has managed to regain its colour and vibrancy. Donna has much to do with that, but so too does watching our daughter grow from a quiet girl to a young woman with a passion for social justice, equality and nature. It would be nice to think that as much as our son’s passion for theatre and acting comes from Lynn our daughter’s passions come from me. It could be that genetics has something to do with it. I’m not certain that there can be any other explanation for these things. My days of political passion are long behind me buried by just keeping it all together. But it is pretty to think that perhaps there is something of us which is bone deep that we pass along to our children.

Milestones are what we choose they are. I don’t remember any of my son’s birthdays though I never missed one of them. I do remember changing his diaper, the first time he shaved, how he used to pop his collar in grade eight and a myriad of other moments which carry significance for me. Our daughter once chased a flock of seagulls down a football field, fed cheese to ants to see if they would eat it, wandered off at will when she was little and has always seemed to enjoy her own company as much as that of her friends. We remember how people are every day much more than any contrived moment can endure.

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TD Canada Trust – the Keystone Cops weren’t this funny.

Posted by bernicky - April 11th, 2015

I went to the TD Canada Trust today to close out my last two accounts. The chequing account I closed without incident. The RRSP savings account was another matter. This account was supposed to be transferred with my RRSPs to RBC but TD refused to make the transfer because they charge $135.00 to transfer an account to another bank. That’s right: $135.00. So I went in to close the account in person. I figured if I took the $29.00 out I’d have to pay the 33% withholding tax and have enough left over for lunch. As Robert Burns once observed “The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men Gang aft agley”.

It turns out that I had to take an appointment to close the account. All well and good. The caveat to that is that TD Canada Trust will levy a $50.00 fee for closing the account. There’s a reason the TD Canada Trust saw first quarter profits of $2.06 billion. I’m not sure if I’m resentful or to have a good laugh at how effectively they relieve me of my money.

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The gown arrived

Posted by bernicky - April 10th, 2015

Here is the actual gown modeled by our daughter. It is from, very inexpensive, very quick delivery, there are some minor defects which will have to be fixed but we’ll take care of that when we find a seamstress, but first: the shoes!

Grad Gown

Grad Gown

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Parting Shot

Posted by bernicky - April 9th, 2015

My RRSPs and TFSA were transferred from TD to RBC bringing my 30 year relationship with TD almost to a close. I just have to wait for a few more days to make certain some automatic payments go through RBC and the task will be completed.

There was a parting shot, three actually. The TD bank sent a new Green Card to Lynn even though they were informed of her demise over three years ago. Then they charged $135.00 per account to allow the transfer of RRSPs and TFSA to the Royal.

I shouldn’t have been surprised they are the TD after all and profits are well before service. Though servicing their clients does seem to be what they do best. I feel I’ve been throughly serviced. The upside of course is that I have years to tell the stories and get them down on paper.

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The new short story – Crank Case

Posted by bernicky - April 9th, 2015

Here’s the beginning of a new story I’m working on. I’ve written three children’s stories as well but those are all out for consideration at the moment. So here is a sample of the new one.

“What if Mama finds out we’re here?” The boy, squinted in the bright sunlight as he looked up at his father while they mounted the stairs.

“Mijo she knows already. A woman who listens to her heart always knows what her man is doing. It is a magic they have when they have pure hearts like your mother,” his smile was as warm as the sunlight. He gestured to the bench in the third row. “This is the best place to watch from.”

The boy went into the row and sat down. “Mama doesn’t like the toros she calls it murder.”

The man’s eyes soften “It is, Mijo, it is. But I love it.”

“Why?” The boy asked.

The man shook his head, “In truth I don’t know, but I always feel more alive after and that is a fine thing to feel.” The boy looked confused and the man gestured him to move farther along the bench.

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