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By the horns

I would like to thank Martin over at Aficionados International for getting back to me with information about bull fighting which was far beyond the scope of surface research possible. The Internet, I once heard said, is a vast sea … Continue reading

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Story ideas.

I haven’t been blogging much lately but not because there isn’t much going on, more because of a certain ennui which seems to have taken hold. Everyone gets them from time to time and if there is an upside it … Continue reading

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The scent of Fall

There is a scent to Fall. The turning point, the point at which Summer starts its move to Fall, is marked by a certain smell. That smell caught my nose late last week while walking Bruno the Wonder Dog early … Continue reading

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And that is that, for now

I am officially a Power Engineer. I passed 4A and 4B and have a certification number and everything. That was long, hard and I am glad it is done. The tests were hard and some of the questions were really … Continue reading

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