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A matter of time

Thursday is the official homecoming for our daughter. Friday will be her eighteenth birthday. She starts her first job on April 5th going for training for McDonald’s. Her first year of CEGEP will end mid May and by sometime in … Continue reading

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Surrounded by artists

Donna sews and has been learning to make soap. What you need to understand about Donna is that there is nothing half measure when she takes up a task. When she learned to cook she became a chef. When she … Continue reading

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Less important mistakes

Last night a painting went crabwise early on. The smart thing to do would have been to scrap it and start over but I’m not always smart. All learning comes from mistakes and failure, success teaches us nothing. Last night’s … Continue reading

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Closing in

We’re almost there. Our daughter has been home more frequently of late and it looks like she will spend a whole week at home during the March break from school. My own March break was a bit of a misnomer. … Continue reading

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