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LOL, Broke

It was April since I was actually broke. I’m not flat broke, as in nothing in the bank, but damned close. There just never seems to be enough cash to go around. Sole support for three adults will do that … Continue reading

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Go with the flow

Life, if not always flowing in my favour, has at least been interesting. Stewart Hall rejected both my submissions this year. It was a very tough competition this year with, at best, a 25% chance of acceptance. The general antipathy … Continue reading

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Parsimony and prospects

Enforced parsimony is exhausting in so many ways. Concern about money drives action and inaction equally. This weekend I scheduled a Sunday off because I thought with a pay coming in on the Thursday that there’d be a little something … Continue reading

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In praise of beta readers

Concrete Memories is almost finished. Started in 2015 the eighteen thousand word “short story” recently came back from Alan the first male beta reader. The story is now in its thirteenth draft and much stronger than when it arrived in … Continue reading

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A day ending in Y

A friend and I were talking recently and he asked when my next day off was. I confessed that it would be October 9th, Thanksgiving, but in reality not really much of a day off since the family comes over … Continue reading

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