A little painting

The painting I’ve been doing this week has been all about repainting the bedroom. It can be hot work during a heat wave but it’s done now.

Last week I finished a watercolour that I am going to use as the reference for my first effort in casein. Of course I’ll do a colour chart first but after that I’m going to try plunging in with casein and see how it handles. Here’s the painting in its watercolour form.


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2 Responses to A little painting

  1. Hi Denis. I love catching up on your blog….I’m glad your son has bike(s) again (some people are just so cool!!) but I’m sorry you have to sell the house. Your paintings are lovely…they lift my spirits. The one I saw today was canoeing and it just struck me as it took me to kayaking in my mind…very peaceful and calming. Keep painting and keep sane as you keep moving forward. And keep on blogging!!!

  2. bernicky says:

    Thank you Jen, much appreciated. I am looking forward to repainting that one in a larger format with different materials. Glad you like my work.

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