The gig economy

The new job has been going well.

By new job I mean the part time job that I took to fill the waking hours when I am not at my full time job. It’s back to picture framing. I always enjoyed the framing part and the new gig keeps me in production most of the time so the part I don’t like, dealing with customers, I get to avoid most of the time.

Our son was in hospital again last week. Two days and a follow up appointment to come for an endoscopy. The last time out they found polyps that they wanted to keep an eye on. I guess they are going to go have another look. I’m glad he’s back home where, even if he doesn’t take the best care of himself, he can count on support and someone to nag him about taking better care of himself. Parenting is an unending thing.

Years before my mother died I phoned her one day and said “I’m sorry.” She asked “What for?” and I replied “Everything and stuff I don’t even remember doing.” She laughed, but I was sincere. Once you are a parent you do get it. It’s a life long gig. There are people who can walk away from it – millions do every years – and there are those who would never consider it.

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