Removing the I

Who knew that when a New Year’s resolution to make more art was made it would include poetry but it has.

Of course I am painting and drawing but of late I have been writing a lot of poetry and it is very different from what I used to write. First it is short – very short in some cases – and second it does not feature a lot in the way of personal pronouns. They aren’t gone, just rare and it seems to work. This is one which I wrote yesterday.

five years after her death
wedding china still awaits
the right time
– denis bernicky

Despite its brevity it took a little while to write. Getting the feeling with a single mention of “her” and the tension of “the right time” rather than weakening the tension by adding a “he” or an “I” which would have also added to the length of the poem. The structure 5-4-3 is meant to give the unconscious awareness of a count down – time running out. I think there’s a lot that goes on in little poems that either I think too much about and perhaps the reader doesn’t care about.

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