Just one post in November belies the fact that there were actually things going on.

The picture book that was finished in the spring has been submitted to four publishers directly now. That’s after sending it to six agents and not receiving so much as a confirmation of receipt which isn’t difficult to do in this brave new world of the Interwebs and emails. An online poetry magazine picked up a few of my poems to run in their feed during the month of November. I prepped a collection of thirty poems to submit to a chapbook contest – winner gets their collection published as a chapbook. It really is as underwhelming as it sounds but I still have high hopes that I will win. The trouble of course is that more often than not my very best just isn’t good enough. The painting and drawing continues apace and I recently figured out that in the last year I have produced a painting or drawing at the rate of one every two days.

Our daughter got her license! Yes she can legally drive on the roads now and the insurance premiums reflect that new status. Still, I’m glad she has it. Now we have to let her practice driving by herself so she gets that confidence all drivers need behind the wheel.

Our son was involved in his first professional wrestling match last weekend in Mirabel. It went well I thought. He appeared as a manager character in two bits and did quite well at inciting the ire of the crowd. He is having fun with it and as pastimes go I can think of worse things to do.

The Xmas tree is up and the stockings are hung and I’ve been researching which cut of beef to buy this year for Xmas dinner. We’re going to need at least a three pound roast, possibly 4 and it has to be a bulletproof cut from a roasting standpoint. Fortunately there is a butcher in Dorval so I think I might just go and ask and order ahead.

Donna is back in the creative swing with her sewing. She sold two of her trademark bags last week which was very cool. I think the both of us would be happier if we could make a living with our craft and art than doing what we do to make money. “Do what you love” is great advice to anyone who is independently wealthy. The rest of us do what we must – Hahahaha.

There, all caught up. Here’s a sketch I did last night to practice light. Merry Xmas.

Practicing light

Practicing light

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  1. Cheryl Faulkner says:

    Hope you are successful – you certainly work really hard at it all. I didn’t know James was wrestling. I guess Kieran knows – bet he’s so jealous. He has always wanted to do that!

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