Drawing to a close

December is drawing to a close and along with it 2016 which on a socio political front might have been a bit fubar but on the home front things are basically good.

Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of Lynn’s death and it is unavoidable that memories come on strong at this time of year but knowing they are coming and being prepared for them is two different things. Work, the ever present work, keeps things on an even keel because work doesn’t care what you are thinking or feeling it just needs to get done.

The kids aren’t working at the moment. Our son is on temporary leave from his job. Our daughter hasn’t been scheduled for a shift at the restaurant this week so it seems like it’s all quiet on the home front. Our daughter bought herself a new gaming rig which, conveniently, has enough horsepower for any graphics application the art program may throw her way.

New headset with microphone

New ASUS gaming rig

Earlier this month – on the fifteenth to be precise – I was asked to participate in an upcoming art exhibition celebrating Montreal 375 – Canada 150. The exhibit will be in July at a gallery on St. Laurent in Montreal. Naturally I said yes, now I’m worrying about what to paint.

In the meantime this little one on a Stillman & Birn Zeta sketch book using Winsor and Newton half pans took shape recently.

The process – laying in light colours first

Finished dry brush watercolour of racoon

One of the side benefits of working every day of the week is that at this time of year there’s always the chance that an aerobic workout awaits when work is done. Last night it was 10 cm of damp snow. Sometimes it would be nice if the driveway were shorter.

After 10 hours work I get to shovel the driveway of 10cm of snow.

Oh ya, the wheelchair ramp too. 🙂

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