Humour – Ar – Ar

When Lynn was paralyzed I slept on the floor in the living room so if she roused at night I would be there. We got the day rolling around 4:30 or so and on it rolled until I got home from work. We’d both retire around 21:00 or sometimes 22:00. It was a five day a week work week and with weekends off and Lynn’s mother coming by so I could get out and get errands done it worked out quite well. I used to think that was tiring.

In August last year I started working seven days a week. Sounds harder than it is but I still managed to have some evenings to myself and mornings were pretty much my own. Still after a while I started to think it was a little tiring.

Last week school started up again and our youngest has three classes during the week that require her to catch a certain bus at a certain time. To meet this obligation I must rise no later than 5:15. Because the universe has a sense of humour at the other end of things my work hours have been extended. On the one hand 60 hours a week over seven days isn’t really that bad on the other hand today I got up at 5:00 and will only get home from work around 20:30. By anyone’s measure that’s a long day. It might be a little tiring.

Time will tell.

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