THE Song

As a Quebecois of the English variety I don’t participate much in Quebecois culture. To be frank it’s always been a kind of “not wanted on voyage” feeling for me whenever I’ve had the temerity to go to any event that was not created for the English community. There are snippets, pieces of Quebecois French culture (yes there is a Quebecois English culture which is neither recognized nor merited) that have seeped into my consciousness over the years. Marjo, Felix Leclair, Boul Noir, Harmonium, Pagliaro, Gabrielle Roy, Emile Nelligan etc.

One song that has plagued me for years is one for which I had no name, no performer and reveals a lack of knowledge about where I have spent my life that is stunning. I found it yesterday by asking a friend about it. All I had to go on was the description of a soaring voice and the three words “comme une millionaire”, that was all it took. She got it right away – Les Blues du Businessman. This song has been on my “I have to know what that is” list for years. I don’t “love” many songs but this one falls into that category.

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