A bad month well seen out

The month is almost over, just two days left. It has been a horrid month on the weather and financial front. The weather will recover, it always does. The finances…well give it a few months of niggardly spending and it may recover as well. I won’t be sad to see this month gone.

There is however a silver lining – The Soap Box, a Toronto based poetry and prose magazine has accepted three of my poems for publication in their second anthology. Yay me! The news came hard on the heels of The Antigonish Review rejecting four poems I had sent them. So there’s that.

Another silver lining – a fellow artist, Jayne Keefe, has offered to collaborate on some paintings where I paint the backgrounds and details of the buildings then turn the paintings over to her to decorate the walls with graffiti. This way I never have to worry about stepping on a graffiti artist’s toes and we create our own Montreal.

The fifth depanneur for the Celebration Canada 150 / Montreal 375 exhibit is ready – see below.

9th and Centrale, Lasalle, The Bronx

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