New bikes all around!

With a bit of luck and poking about a new bike for our daughter turned up at a garage sale on St. Leon on Saturday. By new I mean it’s seen much better days, it’s at least as old as our daughter is, but it was $30.00 so when this one inevitably gets stolen regardless of lock at least I won’t be out hundreds of dollars. Bike theft has to be the safest of criminal enterprises as I’ve never once heard of a bike being recovered nor of any theft ring being dismantled. It seems to be viewed as a victimless crime.

I turned up what looks like a legit bike for our son on Kijiji. It’s considerably more than the $30.00 bike but I’m hoping to get the price down a bit when we go see it this afternoon. Looking forward to spending money I don’t have – it gives that thrill of jumping out of a plane without having to actually jump out of the plane, the downside is there’s no parachute involved. 🙂 I crack me up.

In the meantime the paintings for the exhibition are almost all done. Here are the two most recent with the final one in planning stages at the moment. Fingers crossed now that a few will sell in July.

Provision NDG – Girouard & Sherbrooke

Depanneur Lydia – Hingston and Sherbrooke, NDG

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