June 21st already!?!

Tempus fugit indeed. Time does fly when you’re not watching.

The Celebration 150 / 375 is fast approaching. Below is the handbill for the event. Woohoo. Looking forward to it all. Lots of work and completely lacking in glamour, but it’s my first so it’s special.

My coworker at my second job designed a family crest for us. Being historically poor and from a long line of those done to rather than those who do unto we had no family crest. So here it is, choices I made to represent our family. The cock – nothing is braver than an angry rooster even to its own detriment which if you know any Bernicky’s you know to be a family trait. The pig – because life is better when you are smart and over indulge. Baguette – the most simple of breads for a simple people. Peanut butter – nutritious, easy to make and once again simple fair because we get by on what we have. And last but not least, the family motto in the vulgar because who the heck wants to translate the latin anyway – Good Enough – something I say at the end of many a job and lets face it so do most of us. 😀

Bernicky Coat of Arms by Jayne Keefe.

For the fun of it I’m going to have stickers made and put them on the back of each painting in the exhibition – three of which have already been presold two to collectors which kind of made my month.

Last, but not least the last of the Depanneur series for the show (not the last of the series as a whole though).

Depanneur Sherbrooke-Cavendish-NDG

Video and pictures to follow.

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  1. Morrie Portnoff says:

    Drop by if you want stickers cut to the shape of the crest.

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