Cool stuff keeps happening.

I’m trying to keep the momentum going.

This past week I’ve submitted to another few magazines but wanted to revisit the coolness that has happened so far this year. The copies of The Soap Box – Home finally came in and I’m expecting the copies of Juste Milieu to arrive this week. No matter how I look at it the publication of the seven poems in these magazines is pretty darned cool in a year that has been pretty darned cool on the artistic front and I couldn’t be more pleased with it all. The Antigonish Review rejected my earlier submissions. I have poems out to Tin House, Ploughshares, The Soap Box (again), The Antigonish Review (again), Riddle Fence and Freefall. What I need to do though is to get back to writing some prose too – there’s a story that I’m tweaking and one that is partially written so who knows – maybe next year a short story too.

Juste Milieu Vol 1 No 1

The Soap Box – Vol 2 – Home

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