Another pick up and a rejection

Fortune passes everywhere.

I received notice that another poem has been picked up this time by a New Zealand based journal – just one poem of the three submitted, but it’s the third journal this year so no complaints. On the flip side of that another notice came in today – very nicely worded and encouraging, but rejecting the children’s story Donna’s Bear as being too confusing for the target audience. They must know the market – they’re the publishers. They were encouraging about submitting more work so there’s that.

On the painting front – since the art show I’ve only completed a handful of paintings, but tons of practices sketches as I work on gesture and heads. James Gurney’s Color and Light made it into my hot little hands recently and I’ve been digging through that. It’s a real treasure trove. This is my most recent completed painting from a photo I took on photo safari with artist Jayne Keefe earlier this summer.

Paul Boutique Music Store

Paul Boutique, The Plateau

Still sending out poems, still painting and drawing, still working two jobs, and have to say even when the bad news comes it’s still fun.

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