Summer’s done

Summer for most everyone in North America ends at the end of August with the return to school. The eight week shut down of schools in a digital age doesn’t make much sense but the inertia of the practice is beyond resistance.

The cooler weather has started to set in with mornings in the low teens making for near perfect running weather. This weekend is my first weekend off since the last week of July and I’m looking forward to it. It’s been a year of working pretty steady. Since last July I’ve had thirteen days off the longest break of which was three days which is what I am getting this weekend. Three day is a pretty good rest. It allows a little recharge without so much that it’s hard to get back into working again. Despite the old saw that no one ever lies on their deathbed wishing they’d spent more time at work the reality is that work is pretty much where we spend our lives. The whole trendy idea of work/life balance is something that never was and is never likely to be.

Both our children are back in school. Our daughter continuing on in Studio Arts and our son back as an adult student doing maths. Neither contributes to the household expenses which is fine so long as they are in school but it does mean the the chances of my getting more time off over the year are limited. I did keep 4 vacation days in reserve just in case though.

I’ve started painting with casein – two sketchbook pages so far. It’s an interesting paint. I’m interested to see what I can do with it. Her Heart Poetry has picked up a poem for their micropoetry annual coming out in October which is kind of cool. I’ve got poems out to four journals at the moment and one prose piece is out there too. The very long short story Concrete Memories is with two male beta readers at the moment. I specify male because all my other gamma and beta readers were women and I wanted to see how men feel about the story. So far they’ve had it for longer than I would have thought necessary to read fifty pages which might mean that it does not hold their attention. If that’s true it’s good to know now it will effect how I try to market it in the future.

So long August – hello September.

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